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FAQS About Our Gantry Cranes

People often ask what makes our lightweight, aluminum Gantry Cranes the best in the world. The answer is simple: Our commitment to quality and our attention to detail.

  • We don't just sell products...we sell solutions. And, our solutions pay for themselves over and over again, so you continue to benefit from your investment.
    - Michael Flynn, Owner

Q: Are Engineer-stamped drawings available for eme's equipment? Are Factory-Test Certificates available?

A: Yes. An Engineer-stamped drawing and Certificate of Test is supplied for ALL of eme's equipment. ALL Gantry Cranes are tested to 150% of Rated Capacity prior to shipping from our manufacturing facility. ALL Gantry Cranes are built with aircraft-quality aluminum extrusions.

Q: What is the standard range of lifting capacities for eme Gantry Cranes?

A: The range is 1,100 – 11,000 lbs./500 – 5,000 kg.

Q: Are custom models available?

A: eme Gantry Cranes with Custom Beam lengths and heights are available up to 11,000 lbs. capacity.

eme Gantry Crane lifting 1600 lb. Switch Gear

Q: I need a Custom Beam length. What are the maximum lengths and lifting capacities available?

A: Maximum Beam lengths are grouped by lifting capacity. These lengths are:

  • To 30 ft./9.14 m – Lift capacity to 1,100 lbs./500 kg.
  • To 20 ft./6.10 m – Lift capacity to 2,200 lbs./1,000 kg.
  • To 15 ft./4.57 m – Lift capacity to 6,600 lbs./3,000 kg.
  • To 15 ft./4.62 m – Lift capacity to 11,000 lbs./5,000 kg.

Q: The Standard models do not have enough clearance under the lifting ring for a particular job. Are taller eme Gantry Cranes available?

A: Yes. A Custom Gantry Crane can be built for your specific requirements. It is important to discuss your needs with a qualified eme Representative in order to acquire the correct eme Gantry Crane to fit your situation. Currently, we have Gantry Cranes that measure up to 17 feet under the Lifting Ring.

Q: How many inches should be added to determine the maximum assembled height of an eme Gantry Crane?

A: Add 24 inches to the measurement 'MAX HEIGHT TO RING'.

Q: How is the maximum working clear span determined for an eme Gantry Beam?

A: The maximum working clear span is 3 feet less than the length of the Beam.

Q: How is the maximum lifting height determined for an eme Gantry Crane?

A: To estimate the available lifting height, subtract 24 inches from the measurement 'MAX HEIGHT TO RING'. This will take into account the 'snugged-up' dimension of the Manual or Electric Chain Hoist.

Q: What is the spacing between the adjustment holes on the eme Gantry Beam?

A: The hole spacing is 8.0 inches (203.4 mm).

Q: What is the spacing between the adjustment holes on the eme Upright Strut?

A: The hole spacing is 6 inches (152.4 mm) for Models 1100R, 2200R and 4400M; and 8 inches (203.4 mm) for Models 2200LW, 4400R, 4400T, 6600R, 8800R, and 11000R. These spacings provide optimal adjustment to obtain the correct lifting height.

Q: What type and capacity Chain Hoists can be used with eme Gantry Cranes?

A: Manual or Electric Chain Hoists can be used with eme Gantry Cranes. The Chain Hoist must not have a higher rated lifting capacity than the Gantry Crane with which it is being used.

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