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FAQs About Our Sockets

The mild steel eme Sockets have been designed for North American conditions, and to complete the lightweight and portable Davit Crane Lifting System.

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Q: What types of Sockets are available from eme?

  1. Flush Mount (cast-in-place – new construction).
  2. Flush Mount (cored hole – locked in place with resin).
  3. Top Mount – 8 in. to 42 in.
  4. Side Mount – Flush to 42 in.
  5. Heights can be customized.

eme Davit Crane, Socket & Hoist

Q: Does eme supply Stainless Steel Sockets?

A: Sockets are available in 316 Stainless Steel by special order.

Q: Are caps available for the Sockets?

A: Yes, there are caps for each Top Mount Socket, Side Mount Socket and Flush Mount Socket.

Q: What is the best location for a Socket?

A: eme Sockets can be placed as close as two inches from the edge of a tank or wet well, using a Top (end) Mount Socket. Side Mount Sockets and Flush Mount Sockets are also available. eme recommends that customers consult a Professional Engineer or other qualified professional for direction when installing Sockets.

Q: Does eme install Sockets?

A: No, eme does not install Sockets. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for installation. We suggest that customers:

  1. Obtain a site plan from a qualified person (i.e., a professional Engineer) for the location in which they expect to install the Sockets.
  2. Have a qualified person or company install the Sockets.
  3. Use eme-recommended anchors, adhesives, etc., that will handle the loads and forces imposed on the Socket(s) by the eme Davit Cranes.

Q: Should a drain be provided for Top Mount or Flush Mount Sockets?

A: If possible, a drain line should be installed to remove water or moisture that may collect at the bottom of the Socket tube. The person doing the site plan should determine whether a drain line can be installed. All eme Sockets are provided with a drain hole at the bottom of the Socket tube.

Q: Can my existing Sockets be used with the eme 1100CH or 1100W Davits?

A: Existing Sockets can be used with the eme Davits as long as the Socket hole is greater in diameter than that of the eme Davit pin. Customers should obtain proof from competent persons that their existing Sockets can handle the forces that will be imposed upon them by eme Davits. eme can supply Custom inserts that will allow customers to use their current Sockets – eme's product performance will start with the insert and not the Socket.

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