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Easily Moved Equipment Inc. is the market leader for Gantry & Davit Cranes.

About Easily Moved Equipment

Easily Moved Equipment Inc. (eme) is the North American market leader in portable lifting equipment for maintenance. We manufacture portable, lightweight aluminum Davit Cranes and Gantry Cranes that come with an industry leading warranty and safety record.

We like to say that 'we make tools, not toys'.

When you purchase a Davit Crane or Gantry Crane from eme, you get a quality product that does what you need it to do, safely, over a lifetime.

Discover the eme Difference

Industry-Leading Lifting Solutions

Whether you need to lift a truck motor for maintenance or launch a mini-submarine through the arctic ice, look to eme for the world's best Gantry & Davit Cranes.

For straightforward projects, our standard Gantry & Davit Cranes may provide the perfect solution.

However, if you have specialized lifting needs, or difficult project parameters, we can help you think strategically to design a custom solution.

Discover eme's Gantry & Davit Crane solutions. Save time. Save money. Be safe.

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News & Updates

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Posted Feb 9th, 2016

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Custom Gantry Cranes

Posted Feb 7th, 2016

Custom Gantry Crane

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Quality. Commitment. Guarantee.
  • A broken part is a poorly designed part – we are definitely not in the parts business and never want to be. We make our products to last...and guarantee it!
    - Michael Flynn, Owner