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There's more to making a good purchase decision than price.

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There's more to making a good purchase decision than price.

When buying a Gantry Crane, it is not so simple as looking up a bit of information on the internet and buying the cheapest piece of equipment that you can find.

Like every piece of equipment that is purchased for your business, a Gantry Crane is an investment in your future.

So, you should make sure it 'stacks up' to your requirements.

Keep the important questions in mind as you research your Gantry Crane purchase.

What do we mean by important? Well, here are a few questions we'd recommend asking as you work through the process:

  • Will it do the job the way you need it to?
  • Can it move under load safely?
  • What longevity does it have?
  • Will it help to avoid Operator injury?
  • Is it maintenance free?
  • Does it have the Engineer-stamped Drawing and Certificate of Test that are legal requirements for lifting equipment?

How are you evaluating the cost?

It is important to remember, too, that it is not what it costs you to purchase the right equipment, but what it costs you if you do not purchase the right piece of equipment.

A rich man can afford to buy cheap equipment because he will be buying it many times!

Recognize that the quality of the Gantry Crane you purchase is an investment for many years' use.

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