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Safety is everyone's concern

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Safety is everyone's concern

What is a better safety protocol?

1) Running down a hill, chasing your supposedly locked Gantry Crane; or
2) Having it safely locked and stationary so that you can get on with your task?

There is only one right answer – and no equivalent!

If you said No. 2, then you know that having properly designed equipment is the only type of equipment with which you want to work.

Your life depends on it – and your life impacts your spouse and children's lives, too!

At eme, we use only double-locking Casters which allow the Gantry Crane to be locked down in a stable situation, even on a slope.

There is no need to feel apprehensive that the Gantry Crane will suddenly move out of its expected working location. It will be stable. It will not move until you unlock the Casters.

Details that are included for the Operator's safety are part of what we do here at Easily Moved Equipment.

We want our equipment to make your work-life safer!

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