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eme Gantry Cranes -- The Complete Package

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eme Gantry Cranes -- The Complete Package

When you need a Gantry Crane for a maintenance lifting job, what do you need to look for? Steel, that needs a forklift to move it or aluminum that is easy to assemble and use -- and even move under load?

When buying an eme aluminum Gantry Crane, you do not need to buy any extra bits and pieces so that it will work -- we supply the Beam Trolley and the appropriate Beam for your lifting job. They are not extras!

An eme Gantry is made of lightweight aluminum, is portable, and all of our models will even move under load -- safely.

We do not make you, the customer, figure out what parts you need because we have designed the full system for your use. Not only do you get what is required for the job, you do not have to worry about needing a forklift or several people to build the Gantry on the job site. Our Gantries are raised from the ground up and can usually be built by two people with a couple of wrenches!!

And, in compliance with the law, eme supplies a Certificate of Test, an Engineer-stamped drawing for the equipment and an Operating Manual -- for each and every eme Gantry Crane.

In addition, manual or electric Chain Hoists can be supplied for the job. We work with you to supply the correct Gantry Crane that is needed for your maintenance lifting project.

If our Standard Models are not quite the right fit for your job, we can accommodate you and build the right Gantry Crane for your lifting project.

You need one-stop shopping so that you can get on with the work!

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