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eme Davits may be lightweight, but they are heavy workers!

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Why do we have the lightest Davits in the world?

Because we are always concerned about the Operator and how well he can use our equipment.  With a name like Easily Moved Equipment Inc., we are aware that what we manufacture must be Operator friendly which also means that it must move easily.  We want our equipment to help the user, not make the job harder.

There are some pretty tough and unpleasant jobs out there so we are committed to making the job a bit easier for the Operator by making lightweight, aluminum equipment that is easy to use.  

Where do these Davits work?

Numerous Water and Wastewater facilities across North America use our lightweight, aluminum Davits with our tall steel Sockets for lifting pumps and blowers safely.  Since the Davits are so lightweight, we devised a Davit System that requires tall Sockets to be installed around a Plant site; as the Plant expands, only additional Sockets are required which is a great cost-saving for the Municipality.

We also have found them atop smoke stacks where they help to lift equipment from the ground up to the top so that repairs can be done on the chimneys.  We even have one in a nuclear plant.  So, where there is lifting to be done in a specific and constant area, our Davit Cranes can help.

In a Shop where things need to be lifted from the floor up to a counter, the eme Davit Crane can do the job.

Easily Moved Equipment Inc. is the market leader for Gantry & Davit Cranes.