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Davit Cranes

Portable Davit Cranes from eme are made of lightweight, aircraft-quality aluminum, move easily under loads, and are widely used in Water & Wastewater Plants.

eme manufactures the world's first 1-tonne Davit Crane – both regular and extended radius and lift-height models.

Lift Ability

eme Davit Cranes are designed to lift from 500 kg. (1,100 lbs.) and up to a maximum of 1,000 kg. (2,200 lbs.). Each of our three models can use either a Chain Hoist or a Winch.


Save your Municipality money! Our Davit/Socket Lifting System eliminates the need for several heavy Davit Cranes on site. Due to the light weight of eme Davit Cranes (34 lb. to 43 lb.), they can be carried easily by an Operator from one Socket to another. This may result in fewer injuries to the Operators, thereby decreasing expenses for your Municipality. And since the Davit Cranes are so easily portable, only Sockets need to be added to the site as the plant expands.


  • Lightweight, all-aluminum construction.
  • Portable – folds up for ease of carrying.
  • One-piece Arm reduces chance of damage compared to two-piece davits; no need for bulky and damage-prone carrying bags and potential missing pieces.
  • 360° rotation.
  • Designed for close placement to required area of use.
  • High-tech, oil-impregnated bushings.
  • Grade L9 Chromate-plated fasteners.
  • Crosby shackles – for optimum radius adjustment.
  • Industrial-grade powdercoat finish.
  • Available with either Chain Hoist or Winch.
  • Fabric Radius Strap designed to absorb shock-load when raising or lowering submersible pumps.
  • Compatible with our Davit Sockets.

Variable Radius Arm

The VRA300 (Variable Radius Arm) is designed to provide the radius necessary to pick UV Light Arrays for easy maintenance. From a central Socket location, within a radius of up to 15 ft./4.57 m, the VRA300 can pick up UV Light Arrays or other lightweight equipment, such as pumps, motors, etc. Rated at 300 lbs./136 kg., the VRA300 eliminates the need for expensive and rarely used overhead cranes, steel Gantry, or Davit Cranes in UV installations.

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