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Quality Davit Crane Sockets, manufactured by eme as part of our eme Davit Crane System, reduce Operator injuries, cut costs & improve operational efficiency.


  • Flush Mount Sockets
  • Top Mount Sockets, 8"
  • Side Mount Sockets up to 42"
  • Top End Mount Sockets, 42"
  • Custom-solution Sockets, designed to meet unique customer requirements


  • Bright 'safety yellow' powder coating, which allows for easy sighting – other colours are available for specific applications.
  • Protective cap to prevent snow and dirt from interfering.
  • Mild steel construction, which anchors the lightweight, aluminum eme Davit Crane. Strength unites with safety and convenience. Special orders can be requested for 316 Stainless Steel Sockets.
  • eme suggests the correct anchors and epoxy that are required for best results.


Our Sockets are used with eme Davit Cranes. Together, these constitute the eme Davit Crane System.

IMPORTANT – Installation of eme Sockets is the responsibility of the customer; anchors are priced separately, but will be supplied by eme with epoxy for each Socket. For insurance purposes, eme does not, under any circumstance, install Sockets.

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