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FAQS About Our Davit Cranes

Our eme Davit Cranes are flexible, lightweight and aluminum, making them easy to maneuver in tight situations, and safer for your Operators.

Q: Are Engineer-stamped drawings available for eme's equipment? Are Factory-Test Certificates available?

A: Yes. There is an Engineer-stamped drawing and Certificate of Test supplied with every piece of eme's equipment. ALL eme Davit Cranes are made of aircraft-quality aluminum. ALL Davit Cranes are tested to 150% of Rated Capacity prior to shipment from our manufacturing facility.

Q: What is an eme GEN II Davit Crane?

A: In 2011, we redesigned our Davit Crane, making it lighter for greater ease of use. This includes both the 1100 and 2200 Series.

1100W Davit Crane, Easily Moved Equipment

Q: What are the assembled weights of eme's GEN II Davit Cranes (Chain Hoist Model)?

A: The assembled weights are:

  • Gen II 1100CH – 38 lbs.
  • Gen II 2200CH – 45 lbs.
  • Gen II 1100W – 65 lbs. (includes winch, cable, hook)
  • Gen II 2200W – 68 lbs.
  • 3300CH – Variable

Q: Is the Winch removed after use of the Winch models?

A: No – the Winch stays permanently attached to the eme GEN II Davit Crane.

Q: Do the eme GEN II 1100CH and eme GEN II 2200CH Davit Cranes with the Chain Hoist break down into smaller pieces?

A: These models fold up into a compact package, with no disassembly required. The 3300CHCU (not a GEN II), due to its weight, is designed to have the Arm detach from the Davit top.

Q: Does the eme GEN II 1100W Davit Crane break down into two pieces?

A: No, the eme GEN II 1100W Davit Crane does not break down. The Davit Arm remains attached to the Davit top.

Q: What are the minimum assembled lifting heights of the eme GEN II 1100CH and eme GEN II 1100W Davits?

A: The minimum assembled lifting height is 80 in./2.02 m for both.

Q: Why are the dimensions for the lifting height under the Chain Hoist approximate?

A: The dimensions are approximate because different models of Chain Hoists have different hook to hook dimensions.

Q: How can I increase the lifting height of the eme GEN II Davit Cranes?

A: Use a Custom Top Mount Socket (up to 60 in./1.52 m in height) or increase the length of the Davit Crane Arm.

Q: What type of Chain Hoists can be used with the eme GEN II Davit Cranes?

A: Electric or Manual Chain Hoists can be used with all of the eme GEN II Davit Cranes. Hoists must not have a rating greater than the rating of the Davit Cranes – (1,100 lbs./500 kg. to 2,200 lbs./1,000 kg.)

Q: Why would a Variable Radius Arm (VRA) be used?

A: A VRA would be used with an existing eme GEN II Davit Crane to lift UV Light Arrays for easy maintenance of this critical disinfecting equipment. It has the range of physical coverage of a costly overhead bridge crane, but with a cost of less than 30 percent of this piece of equipment.

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