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FAQs About Our Sockets

The mild steel eme Sockets have been designed for North American conditions, and to complete the lightweight and portable Davit Crane Lifting System.

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Q: What types of Sockets are available from eme?

  1. Flush Mount (cast-in-place – new construction).
  2. Flush Mount (cored hole – locked in place with resin).
  3. Top Mount – 8 in. to 42 in.
  4. Side Mount – Flush to 42 in.
  5. Heights can be customized.

eme Davit Crane, Socket & Hoist

Q: Does eme supply Stainless Steel Sockets?

A: Sockets are available in 316 Stainless Steel by special order.

Q: Are caps available for the Sockets?

A: Yes, Top Mount Socket, Side Mount Socket and Flush Mount Socket caps are included for all sockets.

Q: What is the best location for a Socket?

A: eme Sockets can be placed as close as two inches from the edge of a tank or wet well, using a Top (end) Mount Socket. Side Mount Sockets and Flush Mount Sockets are also available. eme recommends that customers consult a Professional Engineer or other qualified professional for direction when installing Sockets.

Q: Does eme install Sockets?

A: No, eme does not install Sockets. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for installation. We suggest that customers:

  1. Obtain a site plan from a qualified person (i.e., a professional Engineer) for the location in which they expect to install the Sockets.
  2. Have a qualified person or company install the Sockets.
  3. Use eme-recommended anchors, adhesives, etc., that will handle the loads and forces imposed on the Socket(s) by the eme Davit Cranes.

Q: Should a drain be provided for Top Mount or Flush Mount Sockets?

A: If possible, a drain line should be installed to remove water or moisture that may collect at the bottom of the Socket tube. The person doing the site plan should determine whether a drain line can be installed. All eme Sockets are provided with a drain hole at the bottom of the Socket tube.



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