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Helicopter Maintenance

The helicopter maintenance industry relies on eme to supply quality, portable Gantry Cranes.

Keeping helicopters well maintained can be an expensive proposition, requiring forklifts and additional personnel to remove engines and to rotor assemblies and transmissions.

Not only do the helicopters require maintenance at their home base, but they may also require it far afield.

eme can build a Gantry Crane that will make it easier for you to maintain your expensive helicopter equipment.

Gantry Cranes for the Helicopter Industry, Easily Moved Equipmenteme's lightweight, portable, aluminum Gantry Cranes can do the job with ease.

Because of the height requirement for helicopter maintenance, an extra tall Gantry Crane is needed – but what about the longer length of the Beam? And how is the Beam to be carried for helicopter maintenance elsewhere?

The solution is eme's Split Beam.

Our Split Beam design has an insert that brings two shorter Beams together. The insert guarantees the strength required for the longer Beam.

When the maintenance work is completed, the two Beams can be separated and transported on a truck to various maintenance bases.

Three Beams for the price of one!

While the longer Split Beam can be used over the helicopter, when that same Split Beam is separated into two parts, these two individual Beams can be used with the Gantry Crane for other work in the area.

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