Easily Moved Equipment

Industrial Maintenance

Portable, lightweight Gantry Cranes from eme will tackle most industrial maintenance lifting jobs easily.

All of our aluminum Gantry Cranes move under Full Rated Load with complete safety.

When equipment needs to be moved from one location to another in your industrial Plant, an eme Gantry Crane makes the job easier.

Your employees will love our Gantry Cranes

Why? Because our cranes do the job, and they do it without taxing your employees' bodies.

With their double-locking casters, eme Gantry Cranes move under Full Rated Load with complete safety.

Plus, they're fast and easy to build, store, and rebuild whenever necessary.

Our Gantry Cranes are also extremely portable. They can be moved between pieces of machinery, over machinery, and just about anywhere they are needed.

We custom design for your unique needs.

If a standard Gantry Crane is not suitable for your maintenance job, we can design a Custom Gantry Crane that will meet your lifting challenges, whether for tight spaces or any other tricky lifting requirement.

Do you have a lifting problem that seems unsolveable? Call us. We can help.

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