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The Easily Moved Equipment Quality Guarantee

All Gantry Cranes, Davit Cranes and Sockets manufactured by eme come with an industry-leading warranty and quality guarantee.

Engineers Stamped Drawings, Gantry Crane, 4400 Series, Easily Moved EquipmentOur Gantry & Davit Cranes are certified.

It's true... and it's definitely unusual in our industry.

The documentation of an Engineer-stamped drawing and Certificate of Test are supplied with every eme Gantry and Davit Crane.

Our product is tested well beyond capacity.

Every Davit or Gantry Crane we produce is tested to 125 to 150% of Rated Capacity with a certified load cell prior to shipment.

We are definitely not in the parts & service business.

And that's a good thing for you. We build our products to last, with a 10-year Warranty from the commission date on all parts manufactured by eme for our lightweight, aluminum Gantry and Davit Cranes for municipal/commercial/industrial use.

Parts that we do not manufacture – such as the Casters on our Gantry Cranes – come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Our commitment to quality means your investment will last.

In standard Water & Wastewater applications, our Davit and Gantry Cranes will last far beyond any reasonable expectations. That means the investment you make today will be working for you for years to come. And that's good for your bottom line.

The quality of eme Gantry and Davit Cranes continues to impress our customers years after their purchase. Our work is fully guaranteed, and we have yet to see one of our cranes fail in any way with proper use.

  • A broken part is a poorly designed part – we are definitely not in the parts business and never want to be. We make our products to last...and guarantee it!
    - Michael Flynn, Owner

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