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Rental Houses

Gantry Cranes from eme can add significant revenue growth opportunities for Rental Houses.

While we would like everyone to own an eme Gantry Crane, we recognize that not everyone needs to own one.

This fact creates a great opportunity for Rental Houses who recognize the need for equipment like ours. eme Gantry Cranes can help make you money.

Renting out our lightweight, aluminum Gantry Cranes is a solid way to add to your rental revenue stream. Our quality is superior, and our products last well beyond industry expectations.

Minimal annual maintenance costs.

The annual maintenance cost for our Gantry Cranes is minimal – usually under $25/year. They are easy to maintain – nothing is complicated, and our work is fully guaranteed. We have yet to see one of our rental Gantries fail in any way with correct usage – and they face the toughest challenges out in the field!

Gantry Crane Rentals

When you build a fleet of eme Gantry Cranes, customers will come calling.

Our Gantry Cranes have an excellent reputation in the marketplace. And, as your potential customers experience working with our product, that reputation grows.

When customers discover that you carry eme Gantry Cranes, they will come calling.

The benefit to your business grows from there.

With the rental of a Gantry Crane comes additional rentals of hoists, and other equipment.

Because they are so easy to use, contractors will come to rely on you for the rental of our lightweight, portable Gantry Cranes. Plant shutdowns call for the usage of our Gantry Cranes to make the job easier.

We can work with you to suggest the best combination of equipment to start with, and we'll also make recommendations for additions to your fleet as your business grows.

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