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Gantry Cranes from eme provide lifting solutions that make truck maintenance much easier.

Gantry Cranes for the Trucking Industry, from Easily Moved Equipment

Big transport trucks are not like pickup trucks (aka 'trucklets'). They have their own special maintenance requirements, and servicing big truck engines can easily become a big challenge.

With our lightweight, aluminum Gantry Cranes, you'll get more sensitive alignment on the engine mounts than you would using a forklift.

And because you only need one or two men, at most, to do the final removal and reinstallation, you'll also find savings in terms of labour costs.

As well, our portable Gantry Cranes may be moved safely around any smooth surface under Full Rated Load.

Even if you already have a shop overhead crane, the eme Gantry Crane can increase your service capability, because it can be rolled out onto a paved yard for outside work.

For the trucking industry, eme Gantry Cranes are the best choice for maintaining big rigs.

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