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Water & Wastewater

Davit Cranes manufactured by eme for Water & Wastewater Plants improve safety and reduce maintenance challenges.

The old way is hard work... and costly.

The customary method for maintaining Water & Wastewater Plants is to install conventional Davit Cranes that Plant Operators have to lug around. And those conventional cranes are heavy.

Over time, this can cause back problems or other health problems for your employees – and financial issues for your bottom line.

We often hear that, as an alternative, plants have purchased several traditional Davit Cranes for individual stations. This means the cranes don't have to be carried around, but it also means higher capital expense for the Plant.

Our lightweight, portable Davit Cranes & Sockets offer a better solution.

eme manufactures the world's lightest portable Davit Cranes – ranging from 34 lbs. (half-tonne model) to 43 lbs. (one-tonne model).

Our cranes are used in conjunction with our tall Sockets, which can be placed in multiple locations on a site, eliminating the need to purchase multiple cranes. So, your workers stay healthy, and you save money, too.

With our solution, a Plant may have many Sockets, but fewer Davit Cranes are required because their lightweight aluminum design makes them easy to transport from Socket to Socket. More features.

eme Gantry Cranes make it easy to get to those awkward places.

When there is work to be done in awkward places, or around blowers inside the Plant, our portable eme aluminum Gantry Cranes are perfect for the job.

They can be moved easily in tight spaces, be placed kitty-corner over railings, and after the job is done, they can be stored for future use.

If there is work to be done at a distance, our Gantry Cranes can be transported in the back of a pickup truck.

Best of all, our standard, lightweight Gantry Cranes can be assembled 'from the ground up' by only two people and a couple of wrenches. More features.

You have our word on it.

There is no equivalent. eme guarantees that the equipment that we suggest will work for your industry. And, we have a Five-Year Warranty on all of our equipment.

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